November Newsletter

Hope all of our patients are having a wonderful autumn so far!

We are happy to announce that we are rolling out our brand new monthly newsletter. We feel that it is important to keep you all informed and knowledgeable about our services and any changes made to our policies and office. We appreciate any and all feedback; our goal is a more seamless and stress-free operation for everyone involved. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

A reminder to all, it is our policy that if patients lose or damage any of their medication it is their responsibility to pay for a replacement. If you find yourself in this situation, please give us a call as soon as possible to get a replacement sent to you.

Please note that we are no longer offering super bills. As of September, we announced this change in our policy. We will continue to send out receipts and invoices if needed for HSA purposes.

We are unveiling new Trimix pricing, pre-shipping cost!
In order to keep the cost as low as possible, we have made a few changes as of October 1st. Please call or chARM message our administrative team if you have any questions.

Remember to check your blue supply bags for updated forms regarding HCG syringes. If you’ve noticed that these are quite smaller than you’re used to, it’s because our dosing policy has changed. This is to keep our cost, and ultimately the cost to you low. You will be putting in less mixing liquid, which will create a more potent dose. Your smaller syringes are adequate for your new dose size! Your form will go over exactly how to mix and administer your HCG going forward. You should be reading each form you receive, and read your medication instructions each time you receive them, no matter how long you’ve been a patient in order to avoid incorrect administration. Of course, if you have any confusion please call the clinic or chARM message your doctor for guided instructions.

Did you know that if you refer someone to our clinic, once they pay for their third month of membership you will receive $100 off your next membership payment? We are happy to honor this referral system, just let us know who you referred and we will make sure you receive this credit.

As of October 16th, we are expanding on our prolotherapy joint injections! We are now offering PRP injection treatments for scalp and hair loss, facial rejuvenation, breast rejuvenation, as well as penile and vaginal tissue injections. Ask our staff about scheduling and pricing if you would like to pursue any of these amazing offers.

We will be placing new posters in our exam rooms, which are full of information about what services we provide. If you’ve been thinking about improving your time on HRT, we offer a variety of solutions and treatments. Whether you’ve been considering PRP injections, troches, or another aid, we have additional information readily available.

If you haven’t, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and leave a review on our Google page. For any patients who would like to come in and film a review for our website, they will receive $50 off their next monthly membership bill. We are ever growing and expanding; hearing from our patients helps us be the best we can be!

$80 2 ML
$100 4 ML
$120 6 ML

$85 2ML
$105 4 ML
$125 6ML

$100 2ML
$120 4ML
$140 6 ML

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